FM L566-Pro | Liebherr Metall-Radlader

FM L566-Pro | Liebherr Metall-Radlader - Available 


1:12 full metal hydraulic excavator

May we introduce: The absolute ne plus ultra among hydraulic excavators! 

1x in stock!


Graupner receiver back in stock

GR-16 and GR-24 Graupner receivers available again and in stock 


Delivery update Volvo EC160E Elektro

Quote FM-Electrics "! Delivery update electric excavator Volvo EC160E! Hello people! Due to some inquiries we want to officially announce that there were some delays in the production of the Volvo electric excavator due to Corona in China The Chinese New Year celebrates the schedule. Unfortunately, the excavators are only being delivered in very small numbers for the time being, which means that by far not every customer can get a copy. The situation in production will relax a lot from mid-March and deliveries at the end of April The beginning of May should therefore be possible without any problems. We want to apologize to you here but at the same time rely on your understanding. If there was a way to accelerate all of this, believe us, we would do it immediately! If you want or not. "